Garden Kitchen Design Ideas

Having a garden kitchen can be a smart option for you who love to hold a barbeque party in the garden or backyard at your house. Moreover, this kind of kitchen can also influence the overall appearance of your garden, so that you have to carefully design it. If you design it wrong, your garden or backyard which is supposed to be refreshing and pretty, will look boring and crowded. If you are looking for design ideas of kitchen garden, here are some inspirations for you.

Simple in the Corner

If you do not have enough spaces in your garden to make a kitchen, you can use the empty corner in the area. A kitchen garden does not always have to be vast, anyway. Design a simple kitchen with colors that blend with nature, such as grey, and support it with enough storages a grill. If you prefer to hold a barbeque party in a traditional way, you can place the wood logs in the opened storage. The wood logs will give a warm visual appearance with the natural colors.

Elegant Kitchen Garden

Bring an elegant look with a minimalist concept by dominating your garden kitchen with black. Combine it with wood materials, for example, wooden kitchen cabinets, in order to balance the black color. This way, the entire appearance of the kitchen garden will be more lively. Complete the kitchen with a sink and stoves so that you can have more options when preparing meals. This elegant kitchen garden is suitable to be combined with concrete patio designs.

Grey Kitchen Garden

For you who want to bring a natural touch to your kitchen garden, you can try this inspiration. Use grey natural stones in order to frame the kitchen garden. Combine it with darker grey colors to be applied on the kitchen. This way, the look of the kitchen and the frame will look well together. Complete the kitchen with a grill and sink in order to support your barbeque party. If you do not know how to install the natural stones, you can ask for help from a kitchen garden planner.

Raw Kitchen Garden

This idea is suitable for you who have a limited budget to make a kitchen garden. You can just use raw wood materials to make the kitchen without any finishing or coating. You can just create two kitchen tables from the woods. This will bring a vintage look to your kitchen garden.