Modern White Kitchen Inspirations

A kitchen is included as the element of interior design. There are a bunch of kitchen styles that you can try, one of them is white kitchen dark floors. The dark floors will create a harmonious balance with the white color that dominates the kitchen. Moreover, a white kitchen is also suitable for you who dream of a minimalist modern kitchen at your house. Are you searching for modern white kitchen inspirations? Here are some references for you.


You can have a white kitchen through the application of many materials. For example, marbles. If you want to bring something different and elegant to your kitchen, you can choose white marbles with contemporary and bright lines to accentuate your unique personality. With its modern aesthetic, you can bring a modern look to your kitchen by using marbles for the kitchen countertop or kitchen walls. Combine it with dark floors and dark kitchen utensils in order to create a spectacular kitchen design. You can use wood materials or marbles as well with dark colors for the kitchen floors.

Black and White

white kitchen dark floors

Contrast is an attractive detail in a modern kitchen which is dominated by white. So, in order to create a safe and pretty contrast, you can just simply combine black and white. This design idea is suitable for you who also love a monochromatic design. Use black for the kitchen floors and white for the rest elements of the kitchen. This way, you do not have to be bothered selecting and choosing the right and proper color scheme or color combination. You can choose a stainless steel sink or stainless steel kitchen utensils to add colors to your kitchen so that it will not look boring. Do you want to make the area looks more unique? You can try having a blackboard in the kitchen wall. Besides unique, this blackboard wall is also functional to write recipes or notes.

Elegance and Simplicity

Simplicity is where a lot of modern kitchen designs are based. In order to bring the flawless charm of elegance and simplicity, you can use completely white kitchen furniture and combine it with dark floors and dark walls. For instance, dark grey floors and walls. Have a glass window so that natural sunlight can come into the kitchen and make it looks more spacious. This white kitchen dark floors is suitable to be combined with dark hardwood floors living room if you apply an open floor concept. If you have a backyard or garden, you can try to make a garden kitchen.