Why Should Bathroom Stalls?

In building a house or company, there needs to be an appropriate arrangement for the bathroom. The arrangement is not only related to the location of the bathroom but also concerning aspects of utility planning as well as lighting and ventilation systems. even to beautify the bathroom, many who use bathroom stalls or bathroom stalls without doors. In terms of comfort, bathrooms must also be designed by building functions, human ergonomics, and user interests. So we have to think about things that are important to make beautiful master bathrooms.

Do you know the advantages of a bathroom stall?

The advantage of our bathroom stalls can save space because with one room we can combine bathrooms and still provide privacy for users. Besides, the type and style of the bathroom vary greatly. So that we can adjust the bathroom stall design by the color that can make continuity with the design.

bathroom stalls

Types of bathroom stalls

For those of you who want to make a bathroom using bathroom stalls, don’t worry because bathroom stalls have a variety of types. From those that have high prices to the most economical according to your needs. So, here are some types of bathroom stalls that you need to know about.

Stainless Steel

Because it has a high attractiveness, making stainless steel becomes one of the most expensive materials. With an expensive price, no doubt the excellent quality can add value to the company or home. Having long durability, strong, resistant to moisture and other advantages makes many people choose to use stainless steel.

Solid Phenolic

This type is a clear bathroom stall which also has an expensive price. Because it has a very high resistance, both in holding the humidity level, so this solid phenolic is very suitable for areas with high traffic.

Steel with Baked Enamel

This bathroom has a variety of color variants. With a very light base material, so that makes the owner or the designers can put on the floor or in other areas. Besides baked enamel can also protect users from vandalism.

Plastic Laminate

Laminate plastic is one of the most popular bathroom stalls. Color variants that are owned are also very many. Besides this laminate plastic is widely used in businesses and homes for years.

HDPE Solid Plastic

Having a price that is slightly more expensive than other types of bathroom stalls, do not be surprised if HDPE solid plastic has a very good quality and is almost said to be perfect. It has a very high level of resistance to humid environments so it does not make it easy to rust or moldy.