• I Am Losing My Mind

    *Repost from March 3, 2016   The world wide internet is not a safe or wise place to disclose all struggles. Especially not current, ongoing ones. Most struggles involve other people, and what is beneficial for them ought to be soberly considered. So it’s been pretty quiet around this blog. And I’... View Post
  • When You Can't Meet All the Needs Around You

    I was pumping gas at my neighborhood grocery store when he approached me, wearing his work uniform and an expression that clearly said he intended to ask me something.Then I saw the clipboard he was holding, and I smiled kindly because I know it's hard to approach a customer and go through the re... View Post
  • How to Overcome Fear, Anxiety, and Increase in Discernment.

    To strengthen your faith, you must strengthen your memory. Have you been struggling with anxiety, worry, or fear lately? Are there some things you are repetitively asking God for discernment and direction about?  Not too long ago fear and worry I did not know was in my heart reared up like the d... View Post