• How to Overcome Fear, Anxiety, and Increase in Discernment.

    To strengthen your faith, you must strengthen your memory. Have you been struggling with anxiety, worry, or fear lately? Are there some things you are repetitively asking God for discernment and direction about?  Not too long ago fear and worry I did not know was in my heart reared up like the d... View Post
  • Do You Need a Strategic Retreat?

    She was shaking, sweating — tears streaming down her flushed cheeks as she cried out, disoriented and terrified: “Maaaaammmmmaaaa!…. Mama!…” I left the dishes and ran up the stairs, two at a time, calling all the way “I’m coming! It’s okay! I’m right here…” We reached out for each other and she c... View Post
  • What Jesus and Mr. Miyagi Have in Common

    The kids were down for the night. It was kind of early, and it wasn’t a struggle to get any of them to sleep. This beautiful, rare gift of spare time and energy set my mind racing about which of the countless tasks to attend to. I want to write. This desire has been burning in me for days. I wake... View Post