9 Years of Marriage!


Somehow, it's been 9 years since we said "yes!" to loving each other for the rest of our lives. 

I've been going down memory lane today... it's quite a trip!

It was 2008. Hurricane Ike had destroyed your home.
Instead of you sleeping in a tent in your backyard for months, my parents offered a spare bedroom for you to move into.
While repainting that room my mom said "why don't y'all just get married?"

This green-light of approval was all we needed. We said yes!

The whirlwind began.

We got married 6 weeks later, so my big brother and his wife could attend during the tiny sliver of time they were in the country on furlough with the Peace Corp. 

It was featured in a magazine. Remember how many loved ones helped? I had so many friends and connections in the wedding industry from my work as a makeup artist. Several vendors basically gave us their services for free/at cost. 

It's crazy to think that Pinterest wasn't a part of weddings "back then". Ya know, in the old days. 

I loved our simple ceremony, our vows to Selah, and the colorful canopy you and my mom made for our wedding. Those cake balls were delicious, too!

We have said "yes" to so much life since then!

We said yes to buying an old townhouse, a foreclosure, as our first home. We fully renovated and flipped that cute little place. I loved every minute of living there with you. Our neighbors became lifetime friends.

We said yes to moving towards a time of living full time in an RV to travel the USA with our kiddos. We bought "Braveheart", and began the remodel.

We said yes to 4 more beautiful babies together.

We said yes to full time caring for your dad, and supporting your mom as your dad said his long goodbye to this life.

We said yes to homeschooling, home birth, and homecooking.

We said yes to starting businesses, and letting some go.

We said yes to feeding anyone who comes over, and making time for people a top priority.

We said yes to praying together, reading the Bible together, and encouraging each other to develop our relationship with Jesus in the different ways that work for us.

We said yes to letting each other go through the long processes of griefs, losses, heartbreaks. No rushing. No expectations.

We said yes to choosing to pre-forgive each other. We said yes to giving each other space when we need to wrestle something out with Jesus so we don't cut each other down.

We said yes to holding hands. To flirting. To snuggling in comfy clothes. To Netflix date nights and slowly reading through books together. 

I have loved my life with you, Jason!

It just keeps getting better. 

You have my forever yes.