First Tiny Home Reveal! Levi's Bed and Car Track.

Hey friends!

With so much hard happening over here, Jason and I want to be intentional to embrace a little happiness in the midst of it all. Celebrate with us?

Today we are revealing our first finished tiny home space!!

But first, some before and progress pics!

We first brought the RV home in February 2014. This fifth wheel toy hauler is 36' long and has 3 slide outs. We named her Braveheart. 

Jason standing in front of our RV, Braveheart

This is the "garage" part of the RV, typically used for carting around huge "toys" like four wheelers and motorcycles. We decided the high floor-to-ceiling space would be perfect for the kids room so we could have a loft above, and a more open play space below. 

back of the RV opened with the ramp down.

side wall of the garage of the RV

We removed the diamond plate, paneling, insulation, and flooring down to the studs. Then, because we knew our rowdy crew of girls (Levi wasn't born yet, but now he fits right in!) would be tougher on the space than heavy duty motor vehicles Jason welded extra supports into the metal framing. 

our daughter helping remove the flooring

Jason welding

Jason repurposed the diamond plate to become the roadside layer to protect the underneath side of the kid's floor. He then framed it with 2x2s, added insulation, and used 3/4 in plywood (sanded, stained, and sealed) for a gorgeous, inexpensive walnut look the kids can be really tough on. 

original metal framing

(Above: original metal framing. Below: 50 linear feet of angle steel added)

metal framing with extra support welded in

diamond plate down as the first layer of defense against the road

Diamond plate repurposed. 

2x2s framing floor, 16 inches on center

2x2 framing. Insulation added after pic was taken. 

3/4 inch rabbet joint plywood

Rabbet joint 3/4 inch plywood flooring snug in place. 

plywood flooring

insulation in, tongue and grove pine going up

Electrical in place. Insulation in, tongue and groove pine going up. 

new rear wall in place

New rear wall added and repurposed RV door temporarily in place (we will have a pretty door later! This door will lead out to the back ramp, which we are customizing to become a back patio space!) 

a peek at the underside of the loft

Sneak peek at the bottom of the loft before it was painted. We will do a full loft reveal soon! 

paint and stain beginning

Stain and paint going down.

bathroom and shelves framing beginning

Bathroom/shelf framing -- we knew with 7 people we would need two bathrooms! The kid's will be a 1/2 bath. 

bathroom framing

tongue and grove on the outside of the bathroom

platform framing

Above and below: kids platform to access loft. 

platform and steps in place

bed frame beginning

Bed + drawers + under bed storage framing.

top of bed frame and under bed storage

More than anything, we wanted to create a space where the kids are free to play and fully be themselves without us having to pull out our stern parent voices continually to keep them from destroying their room.

Our kids have a wild side, so we know their play will involve a lot of jumping, wrestling, climbing etc. We've had all five kiddos in this space, being as rowdy as can be, and the room can take it no problem! 

Now for the (most) fun part -- the finishing touches to make the space perfect for each kid. Today we are revealing Levi's space! 

Levi sitting on his bed, looking up at the lights

Levi happy on his bed

*We're still working on how we want to string the lighting, but he loves it! :)

Our little guy is obsessed with all vehicles. He literally gasps and still says "WOW!" when we go outside and he sees his daddy's truck for the umpteenth time. He then proceeds to point at all the neighbor's cars and jabber in awe and wonder. In the nursery at church, the kid plays with nothing, cares for nothing, besides cars and trains. He's like "bye mom! See you whenever! I've got cars!..."

So it was a no-brainer to make him a fun little "car station". His big sisters love it as much as he does! 

Over the last 12 years of parenting, we've found that our kids do not get tired of "simple" toys and play spaces, because they get to be the more creative and therefore their interest is kept longer. 

The open space beneath the bottom shelf is where stuffed animals and decorative pillows get shoved at bedtime, but during the day the kids love tucking into this little hideaway space! 

We are taking almost no toys with us on the road. Too much clutter makes us all grumpy. Tiny accessories/items make my eyes twitch because I'm continually telling the youngest 3 to "take that out of your mouth!" But the kids play for hours with these mega bloks, building all kinds of things from fake food to car washes to castles. Jason made simple, no hardware drawers which are perfect for easy pick up! 

A couple of shelves for books, and this is a bright, Levi-happy space!!

We've got a few more touches to complete (like a fold down desk), so I'll be showing you more soon. ;) 

So now it's time for questions! :) Do you have any? What's your favorite part of this space? Join the conversation with us on Instagram, or Facebook!