Ordinary Faithfulness: Food Stuff


Food stuff is hard. It is a multi-layered responsibility. 

By "food stuff" I mean planning, shopping, preparing, eating, cleaning up from it. SO MUCH RELENTLESS FOOD STUFF. 

But... What an extravagant gift, right?? I have never been truly hungry or concerned about being able to have another meal somewhere, somehow. 

I've asked Jesus that  I would never lose appropriate gratitude while simultaneously acknowledging this daily struggle: I have a husband, 5 young kids, and a father-in-law(in the final stage of Alzheimer's) who want to eat constantly.

Food stuff got overwhelming. 

I felt food stuff was taking up way too much mental and emotional energy. And then there's time, health-impact, and the budget to consider(as a household of 9 + regular family/friends/neighbors/guests --  food is our single biggest line-item in our monthly budget).

If you're single, imagine this: The meals you eat in one WEEK my family of 7 consumes in one DAY. Yep. Craziness. 

So I went super simple with our meal plan for this life season. If you find yourself in charge of keeping people fed - I wanted to share it all. What meals we eat. The brands I buy. The places I buy from. Recipes. 

This meal plan is super simple for me because I know these recipes well(so I can make them quickly - without even looking at the recipe in most cases), my family likes all of them, and they meet my needs for a grain-free, sugar-free diet(as a big part of what I'm doing to naturally support the remineralization of my teeth). The meals that have a grain element, I simply skip that part. 

But if you're in a different life season, or you feel different foods are better for you/your family? So much grace and peace to you, friend! :) In this area, as in all other areas, just do whatever HE tells you!

Okay so here goes! 

Step 1) I figured out the meals my husband and kids would like to eat on repeat, and assigned them to each day of the week. Recipes are included with each meal so if I'm sick, or unable for some reason to start on a meal when it's needed, I can direct my husband or 11 year old daughter to the meal plan and they will know what to do. 

Meal Plan: Monday

Meal Plan: Tuesday

Meal Plan: Wednesday

Meal Plan: Thursday

Meal Plan: Friday

Meal Plan: Saturday

Meal Plan: Sunday

*The asterisk at the end of the each meal plan indicates any food prep I need to do for the upcoming meal. 

I created this page - All Weekly Meals at a Glance - so when my love-to-know-everything-that's-going-on 11 year old daughter asks me everyday, at every meal "what are you making?" I can just point in the direction of the meal plan notebook. 

Step 2) I figured out the ingredients that went into each meal, and added them up to determine what our bi-weekly grocery order needed to be. The right hand column doesn't have a quantity because those items won't be needed every time a trip to the store is made, but I wanted the reminder to check our supply level. 

Bi-Weekly Grocery Order: FM, CM, TJ -- Azure, Vitacost, Amazon

Bi-Weekly Grocery List: Kroger 

Step 3) I shop a few different places for the lowest prices on the brands we repeat buy most often. Each item will be linked in a post tomorrow.

God's been telling me for years to meal plan. YEARS. Obeying His direction in this area was one of my first goals for 2017. I didn't enjoy the process one bit - but I'm so glad I have it complete now! It helps so much, every single day. 

I hope this behind-the-scenes look at my ordinary faithfulness in this area of life helps you in some way! 

You are so, so loved. 


P.S. If I didn't cover something you'd like to know - please ask me a question!