Ordinary Faithfulness: HOT Tempers + BIG Feelings + REAL Help!

Raising tiny humans is HARD. 

Like my friend, Lisa-Jo says: 

The feelings that my kids have brought to the surface have surprised/shocked/scared me. There are a lot of BIG feelings in my home. 

But also?... There is this truth: 

As a mom - a big part of ordinary faithfulness is stewarding all those big feelings well. We ALL mess up. And Lisa-Jo speaks this truth like a fellow mom who NEEDS to remember:

Lisa-Jo has created an awesome resource for tired moms who need fresh ways to figure out how to parent without losing their minds. 

Today is your LAST chance to get access to the Temper Toolkit. I've been through the course and I'm telling you: It's a game-changer!

Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • 7 self-paced teaching videos, downloadable audio (so you can listen on the go) and key takeaways from each lesson beautifully designed as phone lock screens, computer wallpapers or a print so you can choose which format is best to help you take the lessons with you on the go.
  • There are 5 bonus videos including special videos for how to talk to your husband about your temper journey as well as how to talk to your kids. If our kids also struggle with big feelings, here are some practical ways to help them put words to what they’re feeling. And to help them understand all the potential for good packed into their passionate temperaments.
  • There are beautiful prints you can frame like the one designed for What to Tell That Kid Who is Pushing All Your Buttons.
  • And finally, you get all this for $29 - the cost of one exhausted drive-through dinner with the kids after a day of meltdowns (with a 30 day money back guarantee!)

We CAN write a new story for our families. One where we aren’t held hostage by our tempers. 

Click right here to get the Temper Toolkit!

YOU are so, so loved!