When You're Not Sure How Much You Matter

My husband came and leaned his strong self against me in a weary hug.

"He's getting worse. He really fights me to take off his shirt now..."

When my father-in-law(who has been incontinent for the last couple of years due to dementia) has explosive diarrhea -- a full on shower is necessary multiple times a day.

When he resists help - because he doesn't recognize the need or want the intervention - it makes it that much harder to care for him.

And there's no way around it: When we don't remember how to care for ourselves - it impacts others.

When we resist the help extended to us because we don't recognize the need or want the intervention - it impacts others.

The worse dementia becomes - the greater the team required to meet even basic needs.

What if we understood and remembered this ONE truth? -- That we are all connected to a body and all our actions and reactions impact others.

Always. There is no private crap.

And this is the GOOD, good news: when we DO remember to care for ourselves? That also impacts others.

The best way to care for yourself? Let yourself be cared for by God. He cares for you. 

Making the choice to care for myself is probably easier for me than for some of you - because I have 5 kids.

What I mean is - if I don't care for myself by seeking God and letting Him care for me - my crap is gonna get explosive quickly and directly impact 5 children I love. I see that. I get that.

And, my son literally still draws life from my body -- so I am aware even my most "private" choices of what I consume will trickle-down-effect his little body.

Though you may not have such obvious examples -- this is good, solid truth for all of us: Even our most private choices impact many, many others in powerful, trickle-down ways we don't yet see. Growth is rarely discernible to the naked eye.


Even the quick growth of my baby isn't noticeable on a day by day basis. But the importance of what is happening in this moment becomes more and more obvious over time.

So take heart. Seek God today. Let His Word wash away your crap and remind you of truth.

*You* have powerful impact on the entire body. MUCH more influence than you know. Your ordinary faithfulness matters.

Take a moment to remember who God is -- that, my beautiful friend, is the stuff of miracles.

My husband went to the computer, and chose a song. All of us in the house got to join him singing:

"You're a good, good Father! It's who You are! It's who You are! And I'm loved by You! -- it's who I am! It's who I am!... You are perfect in all of your ways!..."