Yes. He Cares.

Sometimes, Jesus styles hair and applies makeup. 

It feels like a lifetime ago - but for nearly 10 years I was a makeup artist and hair stylist. With all my experience, sometimes I would still have a client whose hairstyle or makeup look just would not shape up like I (or they) wanted it to. 

So I'd silently pray and ask the God who created everything to work those magical hands of His once again. 

And He would. 

He'd help me style some gorgeous hair or blend colors seamlessly and I'd take pictures smiling from ear to ear and spiritually high-fiving Him in gratitude. 

Niiiiiiiice work, Abba! I like how You did that! That was fun!... 

Maybe it sounds silly to you -- but I know Jesus showed up. He helped me work some paint on faces and art in hairstyles I couldn't have done on my own. And it meant the world to me. That He cared enough to help me - even with things I knew were non-essential, like hair and makeup. 

After that kind of job I'd call my fellow makeup artist/boss-friend, Dorothy, and tell her how Jesus had impressed me again with the way He could make impossible-seeming situations shape up into something beautiful. 

She told me she completely understands because she asks Him to style hair or to perfectly wing-eyeliner or smoothly blend foundation for her sometimes, too! 

We'd laugh about how He's good at everything!

Friend?... He's good at everything

He continually makes impossible-seeming situations shape up into something beautiful. 

No matter the forecast of your day, or week, or life-season -- He is the miracle working God who cares about not only the big things going on in your life -- but also every little detail of your day. 

He knows one part impacts all the other parts. 

He cares about everything that impacts your heart and thoughts. Even those "non-essential cares" that you don't pray about because you feel conflicted about if they should even matter to you. Yeah - He cares about those, too. 

He cares about your work, and your relationships.

He cares about those decisions you're struggling through. 

Because He cares about you



Anything you are struggling with today? Just tell Him. 

His resources and skills are beyond your wildest imagination. 

But even more than that? His love is beyond any words I could type in earthly language. 

I think that's why His love comes out via color, music, art, fun, work, rest, nature, food, human hands, facial expressions, silence etc. etc. etc. 

His extravagant love will come to us any way we will allow Him to express it. 

He is totally unashamed to express His love for you. His delight in you. His care about your personal cares. 

He wants them all. Cast your cares to Him. He cares for you.

More than your best friend(s), your family and your spouse. Combined. 

He cares. 

His face is turned toward you, right now. 

Take a deep breath and lean in.

You can talk with Him all day long. 

You can just sit with Him.

You can work with Him, and rest in Him. 

You can receive from Him.

Grace upon unending grace.