• Faith-Strengthening Truth for You: When Other People's Choices Put You on a Cross

    You can see it coming.  How the consequences of other people's choices are impacting/are going to continue to impact you and those you love.  You could force a change, or you could run away.  But instead, you discern that God wants you to stay and love this person/these people. You discern that y... View Post
  • When God is Shaking Up Your Life

    Is God shaking up your life right now?This "shake" may feel subtle at times, and foundational at others. Maybe He's shifting how you relate with some key people in your day-to-day. Maybe He's rearranging your role in the work you do. Maybe He's directing your time and resources towards your physi... View Post
  • Her hair was pulled back in an unenthusiastic pony tail that was well matched with her faded jeans and partly wrinkled blue work vest. She answered our questions about the flooring options in front of us but her eyes hardly ever left the baby. "... You know... you could leave her with me..." she ... View Post