• Love Has Come For Us All
  • Love Has Come For Us All
  • Love Has Come For Us All

Love Has Come For Us All

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The Details: 

  • 8x10 Print comes ready to frame
  • Printed on Solar White 80# Cardstock
  • Original Design by Elise Hurd 
  • Classic Gold Foil  
  • *Click on the picture to zoom in on the prettiness*
  • **PLEASE NOTE: Because this print is hand-foiled there are slight variations in the foil each time. This makes the foil in each print slightly "speckled" looking, and adds to the artistic, handmade beauty of your piece!**


The Story Behind the Art:

No matter where you are, who you are, or what you've done -- Love has come for *you*.

The good news is He is a foot-washing God.
A beautiful-feet-making God.
He washed the feet of His betrayer, knowing Judas was going to betray Him.

Face to face - Jesus called him “friend” at the very moment of his betrayal. (Matthew 26:50) This is the good news.

The entire earth is merely God’s footstool,
yet He bends all the way down for you.
For me. For each one of us.

He touchs our filth with His own hands,
and make us clean. New. Beautiful.

There is no happiness like His personal touch.

The good news is Love has come for us *all*.