• Stronger Than Coffee
  • Stronger Than Coffee

Stronger Than Coffee

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The Details: 

  • 8x10 Print comes ready to frame
  • Printed on Solar White 80# Cardstock
  • Original Design by Elise Hurd 
  • Classic Gold Foil *OR* Ebony Black Foil Overlay Options 
  • *Click on the picture to zoom in on the prettiness*
  • **PLEASE NOTE: Because this print is hand-foiled there are slight variations in the foil each time. This makes the foil in each print slightly "speckled" looking, and adds to the artistic, handmade beauty of your piece!**


The Story Behind the Art: 

Exhaustion can make you feel like you're having a crisis of faith.

Lack of sleep alone can do this.
And there's mental and emotional exhaustion as well. Remember: There is no condemnation in Christ - just the offer this moment to take a slow, deep breath - and ask Him for the strength you need for your good work today. Ask Him to restore your soul, your perspective.

Ask Him to help you mentally, emotionally, or physically rest when He gives you the opportunities to do so. He will provide for you today.
There is *nothing* stronger than His love for *you*.

Your thirst isn't the end -- it comes before the blessing of being filled.

Ask for what you need.
He is ready and willing to pour straight into your heart.