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  • Plan What Is Good
  • Plan What Is Good
  • Plan What Is Good

Plan What Is Good

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The Inspiration: 

"Those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness."

~Proverbs 14:22

The Details:

  • Print comes ready to frame
  • Printed on lovely, high-quality 100# Cardstock
  • Original Design by Elise Hurd 
  • Orders are processed in 3-5 business days, not including shipping time. Prints are shipped in sturdy, flat mailers with chipboard backing for extra support, tucked safely in a clear, protective sleeve. 
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The Story Behind the Art: 

The Lord kept nudging me to be more intentional about different areas of my life. I felt prompted to make plans with Him -- but at the same time had every doubt and insecurity about my motivations, my ability to make plans, and certainly my ability to follow through on any plans I made. Life is unpredictable. Self-discipline has not been a strength of mine.
Specifically, God kept prompting me to meal-plan as a first step. I *loathed* meal-planning. 
But... God opened my eyes again and again to places in His word that clearly demonstrated planning as something He did/does. Planning is a part of His character. Jeremiah 29:11 -- He has plans for me.
So I finally took the first step of obedience in planning meals... and was surprised at the way my entire life was domino-effect-blessed. It was such a profound blessing that after a few more weeks of on-again off-again procrastination and struggling to learn where to start and how to keep moving -- planning has become a cornerstone of freedom to do life effectively with Him. 
Then one day while reading in Proverbs He highlighted this verse for me: "Those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness."
Plan what is good. 
Find love and faithfulness.