Hey. :) Welcome to Little Lunch Maker! 
We are a family of 7 preparing to live full-time and travel the USA in our DIY renovated 36' RV. Our lives are simple, full, and loud. Jason and I (Elise) homeschool our 5 kids and juggle several jobs and entrepreneurial passions between us. Change is the norm around here. The only constant in our lives is Jesus. Following Him has made everything else a wild ride. We wouldn't have it any other way. 
I started LLM as a print shop to help support my family when my husband became the full-time caretaker for his dad in his final stage of Alzheimer's. The name, Little Lunch Maker, came from a story I'm sure you've heard, but maybe you never considered it from the Little Lunch Maker's perspective? If you read this post you'll understand the name, and be encouraged, too. 
We are so glad you're here. We hope you have fun looking around!