Meet Elise

Elise Hurd is a writer, speaker, designer, and a personal trainer for your faith with a focus on strengthening the core of your faith - your memory. As a "memory coach" Elise knows your story, your personal experiences of Jesus, are the core of your faith. Remembering your story matters.

Here is a bit of hers: Elise is the oldest girl of 9 children, was homeschooled and loved playing varsity soccer on the boy's team in high school. She was a professional model for 10 years. At 18 she became pregnant and chose abortion for her child. She became pregnant again at 19 and scheduled another abortion - but Jesus intervened a week before her appointment and that child is now a glorious 11-year-old. Elise never went to college but got her Master’s education on the powerful, unconditional love of Jesus through 3 ½ years of single motherhood. She enjoyed her career as a professional hair stylist and airbrush makeup artist for 9 years, which also became a prime setting for counseling others in their faith. Elise was a pro-life peer counselor and speaker during those years as well. Elise and her husband, Jason, were live-in, full-time caretakers for Jason’s dad, James, for two years as he declined in the final stage of Alzheimer’s disease. This radical move is the reason Elise started Little Lunch Maker. You can read more of that story here. James passed peacefully into the presence of Love on April 5th, 2017. Elise and Jason somehow keep their 5 exuberant kids alive (and fed!) and consider themselves "adventuring homebodies". Once their RV renovation is complete they plan to take their tiny home and travel the U.S., home educating the kids while exploring national parks and other treasures off the beaten path.