Our Story

"Dad's gotten worse. Mom can't keep caring for him and working full time. He needs full-time help, now."

My husband's voice was full of love and determination. I nodded and wrapped him in a hug. "We'll do it together."

We knew our lives were about to drastically change. 

*      *      *

My father-in-law, James, had Alzheimer's disease. In the winter of 2014 there was a significant downturn in his dementia. After much prayer, planning, and life-rearranging my husband quit his full-time job to care for his dad to enable him to remain in his home.

Jason called this time with his dad a gift, and "a long goodbye". After a decade long battle with dementia, James passed into the presence of Love on April 5th, 2017.

 One of the silver linings from this time was the need to feed our family of 7 and meet our monthly bills. This need pushed me to pray fervently about how I could help support my husband, and the rest of my family during this time. 

Little Lunch Maker is the outworking of those prayers. 

As I cared for my father-in-law, I began noticing a shocking parallel between his physical dementia symptoms and the symptoms of people with spiritual dementia.

The increasing worry and anxiety. The loss of discernment. Forgetting who they are, where they are, and what purpose they are there for. Not remembering the importance of time of day, and season. So much fear. The lack of self-care.

The similarities went on and on.  

It became increasingly clear: Our enemy strategically attacks and distracts believers so we will forget.

Forget Who we know. Forget who we are. Forget who others are in light of Who we know. Forget what we are doing here. Forget why we don't have to be afraid.

So my mission is simple, and powerful: I create products to remind you of the Truth.

I create to help reverse spiritual dementia and strengthen the core of your faith - your memory.

We must remember Who we know, and the things He has taught us.

What you see affects what you remember. "The eye is the lamp of the body"(Matthew 6:22). So, every time I make a new product it is to create a little more light for your eyes + soul + memory.  As you shop you are reminded of Who you know, as you remember, your faith strengthens.

I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to get to know you, and share the next chapter of this journey with you! 

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Thanks so much for reading a bit of our story!  

- Elise + the Little Lunch Maker Crew